14. Water Bottle Cleaning Brush Glass Cup

Water Bottle Cleaning Brush Glass Cup

🥂 Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning your glassware – this cup brush comes with a double-sided bristle brush that makes 360-degree, no-dead-angle cleaning an absolute breeze. Just remember to rotate your cups clockwise on the center brush to keep things secure – going counterclockwise might unscrew the center brush! 🍷🪣

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💪 We believe in quality and durability! Our glass cleaning brush is made from top-notch PP+PVC material, featuring flexible bristles with just the right amount of hardness. This ensures that even the most stubborn dirt is no match for it, and it’s built to last, so you can enjoy clean glassware for a long time to come. 🌟

🌀 You won’t believe how convenient this brush is! With three big suction cups at the bottom, it securely attaches to the wall, table, or even the bottom of your sink. Just slide your glassware between the two sets of bristles, and you’re ready to clean like a pro. It’s quick, easy, and super efficient! 🪣🚿

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🌊 And when it comes to cleaning the cleaner, it’s a piece of cake. Our creative lazy rotating cup brush can be removed and cleaned in a snap. It’s designed for easy draining, keeping things clean and hygienic. Just a friendly reminder: always rotate your cups clockwise on the center brush to keep things in tip-top shape! 🌈🌧️

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🍻 This brush is an absolute essential for every family! It’s thick and versatile, capable of cleaning all kinds of glassware, from baby bottles to sports bottles, wine cups, coffee mugs, beer glasses, vases, and even coffee pots and pitchers. It’s the ultimate cleaning tool for your kitchen and bar, making every sip a delight! 🍼🍺

Upgrade your glassware cleaning game with our amazing double brush cup cleaner – it’s the secret to spotless, sparkling glassware and hassle-free cleaning! 🌟🍷🧼

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